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About Us

Here at Highland Oak Health Center, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch care, which would not be possible without the high-quality staff we employ.

Our team works hard day in and day out to assist, support, encourage and treat residents according to their individual needs. We are proud of our administrators, culinary team, RNs, CNAs, and the list goes on! Each staff member does their part to make Highland Oaks the best it can be, and, for that – we are grateful.

Our Vision

Our vision at Highland Oaks is to see our residents supported with quality care and our staff empowered with the resources, tools and administration to make that happen day in and day out. We envision comfort, connection, fun and overall happiness for your loved ones and will do everything in our power to ensure it.


A goal without a plan is just a dream

Here at Highland Oaks, we work diligently to service our residents by working strictly according to plans, policies and procedures we have set in place to ensure maximum efficiency and success. We do this so we can create the dream environment for your loved ones to enjoy each day, as that is our ultimate goal.


At every hour of the day, every day of the week, Highland Oaks residents have access to quality nursing care. Our certified, experienced nursing team is here to support your loved one with any physical needs they may have. Our goal is to ensure wellness, while promoting maximum comfort at the same time.


The benefits of IV and Infusion Therapy are many, and we are proud to provide this service to our residents here at Highland Oaks. This service supports your loved ones with access to instant hydration, quick recovery, more vitamins, less reliance on pills and a reduction of body toxins. The great part is it’s simple, quick and efficient!

Medication Management

The number of chronic health conditions that require prescription medication for relief are many. It can be both easy and dangerous, especially when residents have multiple conditions, to mix medications that shouldn’t necessarily be taken together; doing so can create new health issues. That’s why, here at Highland Oaks, our team is proud to offer medication management to residents in order to prevent problems that can arise from medication conflicts.

Orthopedic Care

Following orthopedic procedures, rehabilitative services are essential. Our qualified, expert team is ready to provide residents with orthopedic care to ensure recovery, comfort and strength-building. In the end, we want to encourage as much independence in your loved ones as possible, and orthopedic care absolutely supports this initiative.

Pain Management

At the top of our priority list here at Highland Oaks is the comfort of your loved ones. Often, it can be difficult to keep pain levels under control on your own when you’re plagued with chronic conditions or other ailments. Fortunately, our certified, experienced medical team is ready to assist and support residents in living comfortably and as pain-free as possible.


Ensuring wounds are properly treated is necessary at every stage of life, but increasingly critical as we age. Here at Highland Oaks, we provide wound management to our residents in an effort to ensure their safety, wellness and good recovery in the case of deeper wounds.

Post-Surgical Care

Our experienced, certified team of medical professionals are ready to support all residents following surgical procedures. Post-surgery can be a difficult time for anyone, let alone elderly individuals. Recovery takes time, and proper recovery requires effort and expertise. At the hands of our team, your loved ones are safe, regardless of the type of surgery that took place. 


Comprehensive Care Planning

Highland Oaks residents enjoy quality care in their day-to-day living not only because our team operates at a high standard of excellence, but because we go above and beyond to exceed the individual needs of our residents. Custom comprehensive care planning is what makes life successful here at Highland Oaks. Our residents enjoy and appreciate care plans tailored to their unique needs as much as we love providing them. 

Serving Those Who Served

The Highland Oak Health Center is proud to offer therapy and long-term care services for eligible war veterans.

The primary mission of this agreement with Veterans Affairs (VA) is to provide high-quality skilled nursing care to veterans, while seeking to improve their quality of life and overall health. Being one of the few facilities in our state to offer this to veterans, this agreement enables us to serve those who have given up much to serve us.

Are you a veteran or have a veteran family member in need of care?

Contact us to learn how to qualify for admission.

what we offer

With administration on-site, solutions are found faster, questions are answered more efficiently, and staff enjoys an overall smoother experience working together. We are proud to have administrators on-site to support our nurses, CNAs and overall team with whatever they need.

At Highland Oaks, we work hard, and we don’t forget to play! After all, life at our facility is meant to be enjoyed. We staff a wonderful activities department that knocks it out of the park each time when it comes to putting on events or celebrating holidays. With staff continually supporting one another in their roles, life is efficient, and there is time to enjoy the company of each other and the residents.

Our facility is a wonderful environment to enjoy a career in the healthcare industry. Of course, we offer a fun work environment, supportive team, on-site administrative support and so forth, but the best part of working for Highland Oaks is the career ladder.

Above all the perks, benefits and fun facts about working at Highland Oaks, possibly the one our team members enjoy the most is our open-door policy. We want all of our staff to feel comfortable, safe and free to come to management for any and all questions, needs, concerns and suggestions. Life at Highland Oaks thrives because of our employees, so it’s important to us that we help our employees thrive however we can.


 We take immense pride in the caring and compassionate individuals who make up our staff. There are always employment opportunities with room for growth at our center, and we seek motivated and caring individuals who are ready to be team players. Feel free to call us to learn what jobs are currently available.


Med-Net Compliance assists Highland Oaks by providing comprehensive compliance services to ensure the highest standards of regulatory adherence and operational efficiency.

COVID-19 Updates


We hope this message finds you well and you are staying safe!
Below are the current COVID-19 numbers for Highland Oaks Health Center:

Number of residents who currently have the virus: 0

Please refrain from visiting our facility if you think you may have had exposure to a COVID positive case. If you are made aware of exposure after you have visited please notify the facility immediately.

Thank you