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Highland Oaks Health Center Unveils Stunning Interior Renovations

Highland Oaks Health Center, a leading provider of health care services, is proud to announce the completion of a transformative interior renovation project.

The newly redesigned facility demonstrates a commitment to enhancing the living experience for residents, while maintaining the highest standards of care and safety.

This renovation project, which has been in the works for several months, is now finished and helps to provide residents and their families with an upgraded and rejuvenated environment.

The renovations encompass a wide range of improvements, including:

Modernized Common Areas
The shared spaces within Highland Oaks have been meticulously redesigned to create a welcoming and elegant atmosphere. The updated common areas provide residents with comfortable spaces for socializing, relaxation, and recreation.

Enhanced Dining Experience
A brand-new dining area has been introduced, offering a more spacious and inviting setting for residents to enjoy nutritious, chef-prepared meals. The updated dining facilities promote a sense of community and a pleasant dining experience.

Improved Accessibility
Accessibility has been enhanced throughout the facility, with upgrades to ensure that all residents can easily navigate the space. This includes improved lighting, handrails, and wheelchair-accessible features.

Upgraded Technology
The renovation project has integrated advanced technology solutions to enhance resident experiences and the delivery of healthcare services. This includes Wi-Fi accessibility, entertainment options, and digital communication tools.

A Commitment to High Standards

Highland Oaks Health Center remains committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and healthcare amidst the renovation process. All changes and enhancements have been made with the utmost care to minimize disruption to the residents and staff.
The community, residents, and their families are invited to visit Highland Oaks Health Center to witness these interior renovations firsthand.

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COVID-19 Updates


We hope this message finds you well and you are staying safe!
Below are the current COVID-19 numbers for Highland Oaks Health Center:

Number of residents who currently have the virus: 0

Please refrain from visiting our facility if you think you may have had exposure to a COVID positive case. If you are made aware of exposure after you have visited please notify the facility immediately.

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